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Southern California
Paleontological Society

Distinguished Lecturers and Members

Monthly meetups with lectures and more.

Lecturer paleontologist Jack Horner, DSc

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What is the SoCalPaleo Society?

We Are A Community

Come to one of our meetings and you will meet people who share your love of paleontology! We all enjoy learning from monthly lectures, going on collecting and learning field trips, and sharing our fossil-related-experiences with one another. Many of our members have been attending in-person for a decade or more, and we just keep coming back!

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Every year our members engage in multiple volunteer opportunities including: judging and awarding prizes to students at the LA County Science Fair, hosting paleontology booths at museums and educational events, presenting small grants to scientific initiatives and local organizations, and lending our voice to ongoing political discourses involving paleontology.

We Are Regular People Working Together

Our Paleontology Society is made up of members just like you! Ordinary members keep our Field Trip Committee and Technology Initiatives running and growing! At the beginning of every year we elect our Board which includes a President who leads our meetings, a Vice President who books lecturers, a Treasurer who collects dues.

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