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Society meetings are usually held at 2:30pmPT on Sundays, but check back here for the most up-to-date information. Meetings are currently held via Zoom due to COVID-19.

First-time visitors are welcome free of charge!


SUNDAY, 12/5/2021 @ 2:30pPT

Art Meets Science - The Sculpting of a Cretaceous Sea Monster

Winter Holiday Festivities

Co-presenters: Cullen Townsend (local artist) and Austin Hendy (NHMLA) discuss the collaboration between artists and scientists that is bringing a 75 million year old fossil from the Santa Monica Mountains back to life for the Los Angeles Underwater exhibit.

SUNDAY, 1/9/2022 @ 2:30pPT

Paleontological Mitigation for the Ponte Vista Development Project

Chris Shi, M.S.  Chris is a senior paleontologist and project manager at Applied Earth Works in Pasadena.  Chris oversees, monitors and supervises paleontological projects throughout California.  Besides numerous other responsibilities, he also identifies and prepares collected fossils for curation at local museums.

SUNDAY, 2/6/2022 @ 2:30pPT

Utahraptor ostrommaysi:  The Catalyst for Revealing 50 Million Years of Utah’s History

James Kirkland is a state paleontologist, and works for the Geological Survey of Utah.

SUNDAY, 3/6/2022 @ 2:30pPT

Collecting Ammonites and Ammolites by the Blackfoot people in Alberta, Canada: the formations, the Blackfoot legends, and the Methods

Dwayne Buffalo is a Blackfoot native from the Piikani Reservation in Southern Alberta.

SUNDAY, 4/3/2022 @ 2:30pPT

Travels in Deep Time: Pre-Cambrian Geology

Tom Kapitany-Consultant at Natural History Museums of the World, managing director of National Dinosaur Museum, and managing director of Crystal World Exhibition Centre, Victoria, Australia.

SUNDAY, 5/1/2022 @ 2:30pPT

Hunting for Megateeth

Bill Eberlein is a professional diver who hunts for meglodon teeth every morning at dawn in the cold and murky waters of coastal Georgia.