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Society meetings are usually held at 2:30pmPT on Sundays, but check back here for the most up-to-date information. Meetings are currently held via Zoom due to COVID-19.

First-time visitors are welcome free of charge!


SUNDAY 7/10/2022

LA Natural History Muesum Virtual Tour

Long-time friend of the Society and Senior Preparator, Beau Campbell gives us a behind-the-scenes tour at the Los Angeles Natural History Museum!

SUNDAY 9/11/2022

Digital Paleontology: Modernizing the Ancient

Emily Keeble is a PhD student at Virginia Tech. Originally from the U.K., she has worked in institutions on both sides of the Atlantic, predominantly on digital versions of Triassic reptiles.

SUNDAY 10/2/2022

The Rising of True Crabs: Lessons from the Fossil Record

SUNDAY 11/6/2022

Early Tetrapods and the Conquest of Land

Stephanie E. Pierce is a trained paleontologist, anatomist, functional morphologist and evolutionary biomechanist. Her research interests are very broad and inspired by the vertebrate fossil record, and tend to focus on the relationship between morphology, function, and ecology.

Dr. Javier Luque is a Research Associate at Harvard University working on the exceptional preservation of marine invertebrates from tropical settings, decapod visual systems, the Crab Tree of Life, and the question "why do things keep evolving into crabs?"