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Open to Members and First Time Visitors!


🗺️ Exposition Park Constituent Service & Training Center @ Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County

🚗 Parking is available for $15.00 at the Blue Visitor Parking Structure

🚄The Expo stops close by at Vermont Avenue

🚌 There are several Metro bus stops very close by at Exposition and Watt

🕝 Meetings start at 2:30pmPT unless otherwise noted.

🟢 In-person meetings are also streamed on Zoom for Member's convenience

Upcoming Meetings

April 7, 2024

Alternating Macroevolutionary Regimes: Do Mass Extinction Alter the Rules of Evolution?

In-Person Lecture
Pedro Monarrez, PhD

Invertebrate Paleontologist/Paleobiologist in Geology. Dr. Monarrez is an instructor in the Department of Earth, Planetary, and Space Sciences at UCLA.

This Meeting:

Join us for an in-person lecture!

Don't forget to bring your cash to participate in our opportunity drawing to win fossils!

May 5, 2024

Stegosaur: Past, Present and Future.

In-Person Lecture
Beau Campbell

Senior Paleontological Preparator, Dino Institute, NHM. Beau Campbell has excavated and/or prepped fossils from California, Utah, New Mexico, Nevada, Mexico, Brazil, and China. Beau Campbell and his colleagues worked on a Stegosaur site in Utah from 2020-2023. He will be presenting the history of the 30 years from discovery to excavation and collection, as well as the efforts, tools, and documentation needed for the expedition.

This Meeting:

Don't forget to bring cash for the opportunity drawing!

June 2, 2024

Science Fair winners present their winning projects, followed by an exclusive, back-room tour of NHM

In-Person Event
2024 Science Fair winners

The speakers will be followed by a Behind-the-Scenes Tour of the Natural History Museum, led by Senior Paleo Preparator, Beau Campbell. This tour will be limited to Science Fair winners and their family members, and SCPS members.

This Meeting:

Don't forget to bring cash for the opportunity drawing!

July 14, 2024

Field Trip Highlights, Potluck, and Mid-Year Auction

In-Person Event
Auctioneer: Patrick Hsieh

Our July meeting will feature a potluck, a live auction, and a photo slide show of SCPS activities!

This Meeting:

We will be holding a live auction of fantastic fossils, featuring the return of the best auctioneer west of the rockies, SoCalPaleo's own Patrick Hsieh! Don't miss this opportunity! Bring cash/PayPal to add to your collection and support our Society!   NEW: If you have a fun photo (or several!) from a trip, meeting, or outreach event in 2023 or 2024, please send that photo to with a brief description. (Please include the event, the date, and the names of anyone in the photo. The more the merrier! Deadline is June 10, 2024. Send them today!)

September 8, 2024

The author of The Oceans of Kansas presents: The fascinating story of the vast inland sea that engulfed central North America during the Age of Dinosaurs

Lecture via Zoom
Mike Everhart

Michael Everhart, adjunct curator of paleontology at the Sternberg Museum of Natural History in Hays, Kansas. He is an expert on the late Cretaceous of western Kansas.

This Meeting:

Don't forget to bring cash for the opportunity drawing!

October 6, 2024

Swimming in the Ancient Sea of Cortez: Recent Museum Expedition in Baja California

In-Person Lecture
Dr. Austin Hendy

Dr. Austin Hendy is Curator of Invertebrate Paleontology at NHM. He is an author of many scientific papers, and has conducted research in many parts of the world, but especially in tropical South America.

This Meeting:

Don't forget to bring cash for the opportunity drawing!

November 3, 2024

Behavior and Ecology of Early Humans: Clues from Chimpanzee Field Research

In-Person Lecture
Dr. Craig Stanford

Dr. Stanford is a professor of Biological Sciences and Anthropology at USC; He is also a Research Associate in the Herpetology section of the LA County Natural History Museum

This Meeting:

Don't forget to bring cash for the opportunity drawing!

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