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Society meetings are usually held at 2:30pmPT on the first Sunday of the month, but check this Calendar for the most up-to-date information. First-time visitors are welcome free of charge!

📍 Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County

Exposition Park Constituent Service & Training Center

🚗 Parking is available for $10.00 at the Blue Visitor Parking Structure

🚄The Expo stops close by at Vermont Avenue

🚌 There are several Metro bus stops very close by at Exposition and Watt

🟢 In-person meetings are also streamed on Zoom for Member's convenience; links are delivered via email before each meeting.

Meetings: List

SUNDAY 4/16/2023

The Cerro del Pueblo Formation: Stories of an Extraordinary Ancestral Cretaceous Ecosystem

Claudia Serrano, PhD, Research Associate, Smithsonian Museum of Paleontology

SUNDAY 5/7/2023

Thumbs Up: New fossils of Giant Panda's false thumb reveal hidden forces in evolution

Xiaoming Wang, PhD, Curator, Department of Vertebrate Paleontology at NHM of Los Angeles.

SUNDAY 6/4/2023

Annual Science Fair Winners Present

Tour Behind The Scenes at the Natural History Museum

Every year the So Cal Paleo Society awards three middle school and three high school science fair projects an award for their excellent paleo/geological-related research. The six winners of the 2023 science fair are invited to present their results this Sunday.

After the presentations, we will join Beau Campbell for a behind the scenes tour of the Dino Lab at the Natural History Museum!

SUNDAY 7/9/2023

Subject TBD

Silent Auction

Lecture by John Foster, PhD, Curator of Collections, Utah Field House of Natural History, State Park Museum.

SoCalPaleo will be having our mid-year silent auction during this meeting! (Bring cash if you would like to participate)

ONE TIME CHANGE: This meeting will end at 3:30pmPT to accommodate a request by the Natural History Museum

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