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SoCal Paleo offers field trips to collect fossils, visit museums, and tour locations of scientific importance!

Members, if you plan to attend a field trip, please RSVP at least one week before the expedition. Some trips, such as visits to Shark Tooth Hill, are very popular and are first come first serve so responding ASAP is recommended. Please check the dates well in advance!

Please sign up only if you are reasonably sure you are able to attend. Some field trips have limited spaces available or have been pre-arranged with property and quarry owners.  We need to have an accurate headcount as early as possible prior to the expedition. If you have reserved a spot and you are unable to attend, please notify the field trip leader as soon as possible so that your spot is available for others. 

If you are not a Member and would like to go on a SoCal Paleo field trip, please consider joining! Annual membership is inexpensive ($1.67/month/adult) and gives you access to guest lectures and quality time with other paleontology fans. Click the button below to investigate Membership!


SATURDAY, 9/17/2022

Eocene Florissant Formation Insects and Leaves

A trip to the famous Florissant, Colorado locality for late Eocene fossil leaves and insects. 

RSVP to Patrick Hsieh at

SATURDAY, 10/8/2022

Chivo Canyon for Eocene Shells

Trip lead by Patrick Hsieh, please RSVP if you're planning on coming!

RSVP to Patrick Hsieh at

SATURDAY, 11/19/2022

Emigrant Pass for Trilobites

Early Cambrian trilobites from the Carrara Formation.


RSVP to Patrick Hsieh at