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Frequently Asked Questions - Membership

Q: Can one form account for every SoCal Paleo member in a family?

A: Yes! Just make sure everyone who is joining is included in the form.

Q: Is there a discount for families that sign up together?

A: Yes! See the Active Membership Form to see how much you can save by joining together.

Q: If I am renewing, do I need to fill out the entire form?

A: Yes, it is important that the Society keeps an accurate record of members who are covered by our insurance, and the best way to do this is to make sure children, families, and individuals are kept up to date yearly.

Q: Why are there so many details I need to fill out?

A: The SoCal Paleo Society is required to take out insurance to protect the interests of every member who joins us in-person on field trips. The Society has similar obligations to accurately keep track of our members who visit our host organization for meetings and tours.

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